"It has become a regular feature on my commute. I like your style because it reminds me of good old hostel days when we used to sit outside our rooms and chat for hours. Secondly, I admire your awareness of social issues as well as business pragmatism. Keep it going."

- Rahul, NRI

"You guys are hilarious, I am in USA from aamchi mumbai. its not very often i get to hear mumbai talk. keep it up."

- Anonymous NRI, USA

"Time passes quicker when i’m listening to indicast. I heard one episode and immediately subscribed AND downloaded all the other ones. you guys rock — cant wait for your next show.”

- Lavanya, Singapore

"Everyone reads most of the news about what’s going on in India But I must say, you guys interpret the news for us in a very good manner, but just give more insights on the daily happenings that we cannot see here on the news."

- Monish, New Jersey

"I kind of prefer the casual and light mood of the show coz people can relate to it. Very different to the taditional approch of the regular Indian programs, I think you guys are doing a good job."

- Sonal, UK

"Listening to you guys helps me integrate with my co-worker."

- Richard,USA