Indicast # 195: Which Modi will turn up? Featured

Sunday, 18 May 2014 00:00 Written by  Published in Indicast

In arguably the biggest day in Indian politics, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), after spending a decade in opposition, has swept into power. The margin of victory is so huge that it has reduced Congress to a negligible force in the parliament. As BJP lapped up 282 seats, Congress scraped together 44, well below the 10 per cent required to serve automatically as the opposition. The landslide results, quite predictably, tickled the stock markets. Most of India has welcomed the long-awaited change. And yet a sizable chunk, views his appointment with scepticism, and some, even with fear. They, rightly, point to the 2001 Gujarat riots that happened when he was the state's chief minister.

In this episode, we spoke to a few construction workers, a rickshaw wala, a shopkeeper and a businessman and asked their opinion on India's new political order. After playing second fiddle for years, the BJP and Modi deserve all the adulation that comes their way. But after the celebrations are over and when the boozy supporters go home, Modi will have to, at once, saddle up and take charge of a country that deserves better from its leaders. We wish him well. (Image credit: Ajit Solanki/AP)

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